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Bridport and Dorchester Methodist Circuit
(Registered Charity No. 1150182)

1st of Advent 2nd of Advent 3rd of Advent 4th of Advent Christmas Eve Christmas Day First of Christmas Covenant Sunday Prayer for Christian Unity   Homeless Sunday   Racial Justice Sunday First Sunday in Lent Second Sunday in Lent *or Canticle: Magnificat (Luke1:46b-55)                    **or Psalm 89:1-4, 19-26     
Isaiah 64:1-9 Isaiah 40:1-11 Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16 Isaiah 52:7-10 Isaiah 61:10-62:3 Genesis 1:1-5 1 Samuel 3:1-10 (11-20) Jonah 3:1-5, 10 Deuteronomy 18:15-20  Isaiah 40:21-31  2 Kings 2:1-12 Genesis 9:8-17 Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16
Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19 Psam 85:1-2, 8-13 Psalm 126* Cant: Magnificat (Luke 1:46b-55)** Psalm 98 Psalm 148 Psalm 29 Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18 Psalm 62:5-12 Psalm 111 Psalm 147:1-11, 20c Psalm 50:1-6 Psalm 25:1-10 Psalm 22:23-31
1 Corinthians 1:3-9 2 Peter 3:8-15a 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24 Romans 16:25-27 Hebrews 1:1-4 (5-12) Galatians 4:4-7 Acts 19:1-7 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 1 Corinthians 7:29-31 1 Corinthians 8:1-13 1 Corinthians 9:16-23 2 Corinthians 4:3-6 1 Peter 3:18-22 Romans 4:13-25
Mark 13:24-37 Mark 1:1-8 John 1:6-8, 19-28 Luke 1:26-38 John 1:1-14 Luke 2:22-40 Mark 1:4-11 John 1:43-51 Mark 1:14-20 Mark 1:21-28 Mark 1:29-39 Mark 9:2-9 Mark 1:9-15 Mark 8:31-38 ***Crib Service at St. Martin's
2017 Lectionary Year B 3 Dec 10 Dec 17 Dec 24 Dec 25 Dec 31 Dec 7 Jan 14 Jan 21 Jan 28 Jan 4 Feb 11 Feb 18 Feb 25 Feb
Bere Heath 3pm S Jenner   Carol Service   at Bere Regis   G Bumphrey     S Jenner 11am         3pm Bere Heath
  19/12 7pm     Cov @ B Regis
Bridport United Church 10.30am S Jenner P Clark A Boyden P Kershaw S Jenner P Clark P Clark@S Mary P Pay P Jenner P Clark C Warren C Hatton P Clark S Jenner 10.30am Bridport United Church
HC TS         Cov US HC         HC  
pm  (as shown)   P Clark P Clark P Clark 11.30pm             P Clark/P Kershaw       pm  (as shown)
3.30 CT Taize S 4.30 Carol S US St. Mary's     WH
Broadmayne 10.30am (or as shown) D Farmer S Jenner   B Stephenson 10.15: US at St. Martins 10: BS at St. Michaels D Reep A Boyden S Jenner P Jenner R Scott K Mills S Jenner J Walker 10.30am (or as shown) Broadmayne
  HC 4: Carol S at BMC 3pm P Clark ***         Jt Cov @ BMC       T@T@St. Mt HC
   Early Communion  9am   G Owen           P Clark       S Jenner     9am  Early Communion
United Church Dorchester 10.30am P Jenner G Owen D Cuckson S Jenner P Clark J Churchill S Jenner P Clark G Bumphrey B Stephenson J Walker S Jenner P Jenner C Warren 10.30am United Church Dorchester
  HC FS       Cov HC   FS   HC   FS  
6.30pm (or as shown) Clark/Jenkins D Reep M Reed S Jenner 4pm Christingle     K Mills C Warren S Jenner Clark/Jacobson D Reep P Clark B Stephenson S Jenner 6.30pm (or as shown)
Taize HC   Carol Service S Jenner 11.30pm     HC E 5pm     HC E 5pm
UCD M'k't Day 10.30am  6th K Mills 13th S Jenner 20th D Reep 27thB Stephenson   3rd C Warren 10th J Walker 17th S Jenner 24th A Boyden 31st P Clark 7th P Jenner 14th P Clark 21st C Warren 28th A Boyden 10.30am UCD M'k't Day
Tolpuddle      @ St John's 9.30am    S Jenner                  5 pm Carol S           S Jenner       M Reed     9.30am  Tolpuddle        @ St John's
Uploders 10.30am P Clark   S Jenner       C Hatton   P Clark   P Clark   C Hatton   10.30am Uploders
US Loders        Cov HC    
Easton 10.30am C Warren       R Farmer  D Farmer         J Farmer   J Walker         C Smith J Guy               J Farmer 9.30 D Farmer     J Menzies P Brown        M Moore          B Moss           B Farmer M Reed Hayley D Farmer        R Farmer J Guy             SJ Briggs    A Boyden       C Smith  D Farmer      M Moore    G Owen           J Farmer  P Brown        SJ Briggs  10.30am Easton
Church with Choice HC           BAP       HC    
6.30pm J Guy D Farmer  P Brown  G Owen       G Owen B Anderson R Dean WS @ St. Josephs P Brown M Reed G Owen WS @ St. Francis 6.30pm
Sacred Encounter   Civic Service Christingle 11.30 pm HC Cir Cov Underhill               Sacred Encounter
Underhill 10.30am R Dean R Dean P Brown D Farmer G Owen C Warren J Guy D Reep G Owen D Farmer   J Guy G Owen/C Smith  D Farmer 10.30am Underhill
    Christingle Carol Service     6.30 Cir Cov Owen T HC   LA   HC  
Broadwey 10.30am J Quick J Churchill P Woodland J Quick   M Reed D Ninnim B Anderson A Boyden C Warren M Barnsley P Woodland S Nicklin T Wells 10.30am Broadwey
    Carol Service HC     Cov       HC RS  
Chickerell 10.30am D Ninnim J Quick C Warren at Lanehouse   R Wells S Nicklin  J Quick   J Churchill M Shereston T Wells P Kershaw M Barnsley 10.30am Chickerell
  HC   US US RS RS Cov US at Lanehouse     US HC    
Lanehouse 10.30am E Haynes P Woodland T Wells Barnsley US Carols     R Dean K Mills D Ninnim J Quick Ninnim/Stewart   J Churchill J Quick 10.30am Lanehouse
    HC Quick 4pm Xtingle  US at Chick     US Cov US    US @ Chickerell   HC
Portesham 10.30am T Wells S Nicklin J Quick R Dean   M Shereston J Quick J Churchill T Wells J Travell   M Barnsley   B Anderson 10.30am Portesham
    RS HC     Cov US     T LA   LA HC
Weymouth    Bay 10.30am J Trent A Boyden A Wood B Anderson J Quick 10 am J Quick J Walker C Hatton J Quick G Wood P Woodland D Ninnim J Quick J Trent  10.30am Weymouth        Bay
AA RS   HC         Cov        HC RS
6.30pm J Quick Anderson/Philp G Wood J Quick 11.30pm     Quick/Stewart J Quick J Trent J Quick S Jenner B Anderson J Quick B Anderson 6.30pm
  Circuit Service Carol Service HC   Café cov RS     HC    
Wyke Regis 10.30am M Shereston B Anderson P Clark   LA 10 am  B Anderson T Wells D Farmer P Woodland C Hatton R Dean B Anderson R Scott D Ninnim 10.30am Wyke Regis
  HC     Cov           HC    
    3 Dec 10 Dec 17 Dec 24 Dec 25 Dec 31 Dec 7 Jan 14 Jan  21 Jan 28 Jan 4 Feb 11 Feb 18 Feb 25 Feb
WS Witness Service Key: AA   All-Age     Worship Bap Sacrament of Baptism CA    Church Anniversary CC         Church Council TS Toy Service CS Circuit Service Cov  Covenant    Service E    Encounter Service BS Benefice Service JMA     Junior Mission for All FS First Seps Church Stewards are asked to contact preachers before Services
HC       Sacrament of Holy Communion LA         Local Arrangement Mem      Membership SoP    Songs of Praise RS Reader's Service CT Churches Together T Transport required T@T                Together at Ten WdCh        World Church Service WH Wholeness & Healing Dates for the next Plan to individual Circuits by  16th January 2018 please